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Exterior trim repair and maintenance in Egg Harbor Twp, Margate City & Galloway, NJ

When to repair your exterior trim

When to repair your exterior trim

Do you need to repair your rot-prone trim? Top Notch Roofing/Siding will repair and refurbish any visible or exposed finishing material on the outside of your home or business. Our team can fix wood surrounds, garage surrounds, porch columns, windows, doors and more. We’ll refurbish your home to make it the best-looking residence in New Jersey.

Not only does damaged trim look bad, it also can allow water to get underneath your siding and create further damage. You need a professional contractor to repair your property if the trim is:

  • Loose or hanging out of position
  • Twisted, warped, cracked or split
  • Soft, rotten, blistered or peeling

Don’t wait around and let your home deteriorate. Call Top Notch Roofing/Siding today to schedule an appointment. We offer emergency repairs and around-the-clock services to take care of all of your exterior trim needs.